Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about sports and event management. With close to two decades of experience in organizing and managing international sports events, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of planning & executing, exciting sports events projects for our clients.

Anto - Director

With 30 yrs of experience, our Director, specializes in organizing international sports events and coordinating large-scale tournaments, conferences & workshops globally. His invaluable leadership and commitment to social impact greatly benefit our organization and Society

Gowtham Shetty - Sporting Director

Gowtham Shetty, our Sporting Director of Tournaments & Events, brings 20 years of experience in various sports/games and is recognized for his energy and dedication. He excels in communication, work ethic, and physical fitness.

Jameel Ahmed - Head of Sports Events

Jameel Ahmed, our Head of Sports Events and Youth Development Programs, brings extensive Middle East experience and a background as a former cricketer. He plays a vital role in our organization, fostering talent & promoting active engagement.

Sudhir - Events Co-ordinator

Sudhir, our dedicated events co-ordinator, brings 25 yrs of experience as a former Physical Education Teacher, offering valuable knowledge and expertise. He is an esteemed member of the Executive Committee of the Physical Education Sports Association

Kamala Kannan - Head of Sports Logistics

Kamala Kannan, a former professional footballer, played for the BOSCH team and later transitioning into a managerial role, he became the team manager and successfully oversaw international tournaments.

Kothandapani - On field Supervisor

Kothandapani, a multi-sport player, excelled during his early years. Known for his on-field expertise, he served as an in-charge for various international events, successfully managing & coordinating activities.